Fitted kitchen – the best decision to make when planning a refurbishment

If you have just bought a new house or decided to refurbish your property, having a fitted kitchen installed is well worth considering.

Metro Fitted Kitchen

Today’s furniture market has to constantly come up with better and better solutions to meet customers’ growing demands when it comes to both quality and design. One of the main trends now is to get fitted, custom made kitchens as this solution lets customers get most of the available space and achieve a perfect design. Having a fitted kitchen means having a kitchen that will be designed to your specific needs: you are the decision maker when it comes to the size and number of cupboards or the location of all the appliances such as hobs, fridges and dishwashers. With a little help of professionals, you will be able to achieve a layout that will leave you a lot of room to cook, have meals, spend time with your family and friends, or work. You also decide on the style that suits you, and the finishes that match the rest of your house: no matter if you fancy contemporary designs or traditional ones, the selection available is enormous. You can also add some smart lightening solutions and personal decorations to complement your kitchen, give it a nice feel and an impeccable look – with fitted kitchens it is all up to you and your likings!

The London’s fitted kitchens market is now big enough for every customer to find what they are looking for. There is a vast amount of companies that will deal with your order from start to finish: from working on the layout that will work best for your space, through suggesting most practical and cost-effective appliances, to helping you choose the best worktops, colours and all details. One of the London based suppliers is Metro Kitchens and Wardrobes who indeed specializes in fitted kitchens. The company is experienced in providing bespoke kitchen furniture and, with their abundance of materials, colours, finishes and handles, always makes their customers happy with the final product.